Дмитрий Михеев

About photographer

Dmitriy Mihejev is a highly professional photographer with a rich portrait and wedding photography experience. Career covers not only work in Latvia but also far beyond Latvian borders, enforced by cooperation with great photographers from many different countries.

Since 2007 Dmitriy becomes a stock photographer. First try of commercial photography. The same year he tries to open up his photo studio. Up to present day Dmitriy Mihejev is a photographer for such famous microstocks like Shutterstock, Istock, Dreamstime, Fotolia.

Since June 2009 Dmitriy is a professional photographer for Carnival Cruise Lines he gets a great experience of reportage shooting and classical portrait photography, plenty of everyday practice. In June- July Dmitriy completes specialized training “Carnival Cruise Lines Photo College” under supervision of Farai Charles Mwaruta.

While professional qualification and experience was growing in November 2010 Dmitriy Mihejev was chosen between many candidates photographers for special course of wedding photography for professionals “Carnival Advanced Wedding Photography Training", where he worked with excellent master of portrait and wedding photography Bojan Bjedov from Serbia. A special attention was given to artistic and effective use of ambient light, methods of professional portrait photo editing, classical posing for couples and individuals, organization of modern wedding photographer’s workflow.

After a completion of special workshop for wedding photographers, Dmitriy gets the opportunity to widen his experience by shooting multiple weddings on cruise liners in USA, Bahamas, the portrait photo sessions in Naples, Monaco, Venice etc.
In 2011 Dmitriy works along with such wedding photography professionals like Ryan Bondoc (Philipines), Karel Pancochar (Chech Republic), Gabor Paszti (Serbia).

Today Dmitriy Mihejev is doing different kind of professional photography, like portraits, wedding photography, advertising, interiors and reportages. Dmitriy is a man with passion for his craft, idealistic approach of quality photography, with good creative potential, open for artistic experiments, always ready to learn and improve!